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Seattle Pacific University

Engaging the Culture, Taking Over the Net...

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Connect current students and alumni of Seattle Pacific University
The Seattle Pacific University community was established for students, alumni, and friends.

Feel free to discuss whatever issues, events, or random thoughts that come to mind. Have fun!

This community is currently maintained by onigirigirl (Class of 2012) and was founded by lifeofbrian.

SPU on Facebook
The Falcon, SPU newspaper. Editor-in-chief: Melissa Steffan ('12)

Seattle Pacific University's Alma Mater
Midst the mountains of the Westland,
Near the ocean blue.
Beacon light that shineth ever,
Is our SPU!
Join the chorus, waft it onward
Until all shall view.
Standing true a-mid all others,
Dear old SPU!

SPU's Tiffany Loop Arch

Edited on December 27, 2010 by onigirigirl


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